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- This article applies to version : 10.0
- This article applies to the following OS : Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
What is the Parental Controls service?

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Question: What is the Parental Controls service?


Answer: The Parental Controls service can selectively block web access for Windows user accounts on a computer. The Parental Controls service provides web content filtering and an limit access to the Internet (web time management).


The Parental Controls service can help you control how your children use the Internet. The Parental Controls service enables you to:


  • Identify and block categories of web sites based on four age group profiles:
    • Child profile (Ages 3 to 7 years old)
    • Pre-Teen profile (Ages 8 to 12 years old)
    • Teen profile (Ages 13 to 17 years old)
    • Adult profile (Age 18+)
  • Prevent specific categories of web sites from being opened
  • Limit access to the web by scheduling when your child can access the Internet
  • Set rules that apply to a specifc account on your computer.
  • View a list of web sites blocked by the Parental Controls service.


Note: The Parental Controls service relies on Windows user accounts to customize web filter for each person that uses the computer. You must first link a Windows user account to the Parental Controls service before you can configure the user account with a web filter and access schedule.

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